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Home Made Remedies for Hair Loss

Many of us has problem related to hairfall. Below are a few Tips to help you out to prevent your hair from falling.  I swear that if you follow any of these methods consistently you will definitely see improvement in your hair.

  • Take a bowl of Neem leaves soak the leaves into a cup of water overnight and the next day use the water to wash you hair. Continue this process for atleast a month. You will see a difference as Neem has the property to prevent hairloss.
  • Just make sure to use any best hair conditioner after using shampoo because when you use shampoo for hair its loosing its PH level. So to retain the PH level back using conditioner is very essential.Also ensure to avoid using conditioner for the scalp area. Apply the conditioner over the hair.
  • Aloevera gel is very helpful in preventing the hairfall. Apply the gel over the scalp and hair and leave it for 15 mts . Wash your hair after that . Meantime your hair will become shiny and hairfall will be prevented
  • Another simple tip is massage your scalp frequently with coconut oil or almond oil . This will also helps in controlling hairfall

Try these and let me know if you find this useful

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