Thursday, 21 March 2013

Health Tips to Reduce Weight

Planning to loose weight ..Follow below tips to reduce weight

It Seems that nowadays everyone aspires to look thin like models but unfortunately many are overweight.Moreover many health problems are caused being over weight.One will loose their self esteem and confidence level by being over weight. 

Avoid fat foods

As the first step in reducing weight try to avoid foods that were rich in fat.Always it is prefered to look the labels of the food product before buying it.Ensure the food products you select is less in its calorie level.Always prefer the food which is baked than the food which is fried because baking food consumes less oil.In addition always take food stuffs that were cooked in home rather than taking the food outside.

Avoid Complete Depriving

You can just gift yourself by giving in to that bit of indulgence which you are addicted to provided following healthy diet. If you follow the weight loss diet stictly then there is nothing wrong in gifting youself in a while with your favourite food


Reduce Sweets Intake

As we know that the concentrated sugar is rich in calories try to reduce the consumption of sugar.Reduce the quantity of sugar you add to any foodstuffs that you prepare as sugar has no nutitional value in it


Fibre Diet

People those who plan to loose weight should take lots of food that are rich in fibre.If you eat food stuffs that are rich in fibre you will not feel hungry frequently reversely you feel full for a longer time period.Skins of fruits, beans and pulses are rich in fibres.


Fitness Exercise

Exercise regularly atleast for ten minutes if you opt to loose weight.IF you cannot do exercise that are tough do try with simple one such as swimming , skipping etc.Buy a thick rope in a shop and start skipping daily for ten minutes. Definitely you will find a difference.



Last but not the least you should take enough sleep to reduce weight.If you work hard and if you have patience you will definetely reach your goal of losing weight.

So follow the above steps and plan your goal and knock out the extra calories.

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