Thursday, 21 March 2013

Health Tips to Reduce Weight

Planning to loose weight ..Follow below tips to reduce weight

It Seems that nowadays everyone aspires to look thin like models but unfortunately many are overweight.Moreover many health problems are caused being over weight.One will loose their self esteem and confidence level by being over weight. 

Avoid fat foods

As the first step in reducing weight try to avoid foods that were rich in fat.Always it is prefered to look the labels of the food product before buying it.Ensure the food products you select is less in its calorie level.Always prefer the food which is baked than the food which is fried because baking food consumes less oil.In addition always take food stuffs that were cooked in home rather than taking the food outside.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Homemade beauty tips to prevent wrinkles

Below are some of the effective homemade beauty tips to prevent wrinkles on face

Sunscreen Lotion

It is necessary to prevent one's skin from sun damage as exposure to sun is the first cause of Wrinkles.As per Skin Cancer Foundation skin cancer and premature ageing is caused by the damage from UV rays as this is the primary cause and hence applying sunscreen lotion becomes necessary when you step out of the sun.When you opt to buy a sunscreen lotion always look for the one which has SPF formulae in it. It is appropriate to apply the sunscreen lotion which has low SPF when the sun is light. When you go for outdoor activities or to beach apply the sun screen which has high SPF.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Home remedies for Pimples

In today's world many teenagers undergo the problem of pimples.In order to get rid of pimples one can try some effective homemade remedy to cure pimples.

Causes for pimples

  1. Ladies normally have this problem of pimples during their menstrual cycle as their body undergoes a hormonal change.
  2. Some will take steroids and this will be also one of the reason for the formation of pimples
  3. Hereditary or genetic reasons are also some of the causes

How to treat Pimples

 When you get pimples over the face kindly avoid to plucking it because if you pluck it the sebum inside will spread over other areas too and this may finally result in pimple formation in other areas too.Hence strongly it is advised to stop plucking the pimples
Also you should try to avoid scratching your pimples as they leave a mark on the skin