Monday, 31 December 2012

Tips to Prevent Eyes from dryness

Nowadays more number of people are working infront of computers hence their eyes go dry frequently. Their eyes becomes red, burns and go dry.Some people are fond of using eye drops to get rid from these problems.

But as far as possible just try avoiding Eye drops for above said problems and try some natural homemade remedy. Below are some homemade remedy or tips to prevent Eyes from dryness.These tips if followed continuously will definitely gives best results.

  • Splash your Eyes with clean cold water frequently. Whenever you can or get time just splash your eyes with cold water. Cold water is good remedy to prevent dryness. Do not use wash your eyes with hot water. Always try to use cold water for eyes
  • Give relaxation to your eyes if you are who are a person who sits for long time in front of laptop or desktop. You can relax your eyes by giving simple exercise may be you can try rotating your eyes up and down or you can also close and open your eyes.
  • Cut the cucumber into round pieces and keep that over your eyes leave it for 15 minutes and then take it off . Cucumber gives relaxation to your eyes and prevents dryness

  • You can also use the potato by making into round pieces and keep that over your face before you sleep for 15 mts. Potato is a good home remedy to prevent redness in Eyes

Try following these results and let me know the results. Feel free to post the comments

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Home Made Remedies for Hair Loss

Many of us has problem related to hairfall. Below are a few Tips to help you out to prevent your hair from falling.  I swear that if you follow any of these methods consistently you will definitely see improvement in your hair.

  • Take a bowl of Neem leaves soak the leaves into a cup of water overnight and the next day use the water to wash you hair. Continue this process for atleast a month. You will see a difference as Neem has the property to prevent hairloss.
  • Just make sure to use any best hair conditioner after using shampoo because when you use shampoo for hair its loosing its PH level. So to retain the PH level back using conditioner is very essential.Also ensure to avoid using conditioner for the scalp area. Apply the conditioner over the hair.
  • Aloevera gel is very helpful in preventing the hairfall. Apply the gel over the scalp and hair and leave it for 15 mts . Wash your hair after that . Meantime your hair will become shiny and hairfall will be prevented
  • Another simple tip is massage your scalp frequently with coconut oil or almond oil . This will also helps in controlling hairfall

Try these and let me know if you find this useful

Friday, 14 December 2012

Benefits of taking oil bath

Benefits of Taking Oil Bath
It is very essential for everyone to take oil bath atleast once in a week.Oil bath is not only good for our skin but also it is very good for our hair.Oil will have major impact on hair as it contain fat and also helps to keep our skin fresh.

When the oil is applied to the hair and body both the hair and body aborbs it and so it hepls in preventing our hair and body from dryness.But some people thinks that applying oil will spoil their beauty and rejects applying oil. When our hair does not get proper oil after some days split end occurs and finally it will result in hair loss.

You can mix equal amount of coconut oil,gingelly oil oil,castor oil and olive oil. Heat these mixtures atleast for 15 minutes and then allow it to become warm. Apply these mixtures to hair and body  leave the same for an hour.After that wash your hair and body with your favourite shampoo, soap or besan powder and rinse it.Continue this consistently it will definetely improve your hair condition.Split ends will be prevented and also loss of hair will not occur.

As oil penetrates deep into our scalp it removes excess heat in our head and body and results in  get good sleep. You know that good sleep is necessary to keep our health in a good condition.As we all know that in this mechanical life no one have time to do these significant things but however we should ensure that as our body works like a machine oil is very important for a machine as it act as a lubricant for a machine. So, just spare your valuable time once in a week and follow this beautiful simple cost effective tip to achieve healthy hair and body..