Monday, 4 March 2013

Home remedies for Pimples

In today's world many teenagers undergo the problem of pimples.In order to get rid of pimples one can try some effective homemade remedy to cure pimples.

Causes for pimples

  1. Ladies normally have this problem of pimples during their menstrual cycle as their body undergoes a hormonal change.
  2. Some will take steroids and this will be also one of the reason for the formation of pimples
  3. Hereditary or genetic reasons are also some of the causes

How to treat Pimples

 When you get pimples over the face kindly avoid to plucking it because if you pluck it the sebum inside will spread over other areas too and this may finally result in pimple formation in other areas too.Hence strongly it is advised to stop plucking the pimples
Also you should try to avoid scratching your pimples as they leave a mark on the skin

Homemade Tips to Cure Pimples

  1. Drink more water
  2. Papaya Pulp can be applied over the affected area
  3. Tomato pulp can be applied over the affected area
  4. Grind the neem leaves as a paste and apply over the affected area as neem leaves has the effective antibiotic property to cure pimples quickly
  5. Oil Food consumption should be minimized
  6. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will help a lot
  7. Take a cup of curd and mix it with kasturi manjal and this is also one of the good remedy to cure pimples
  8. Take a lemon squeeze it and mix it with turmeric and sandalwood to a paste and apply the same before bed and wash it after 15 mts
  9. You can also apply the Pudina leaves juice to get rid of pimples
  10. Avoid artificial products for makeup
  11. You can also apply the cream which contains benzene peroxide to the affected area.One must be cautious while applying this cream as this will dry the skin
  12. Dab a cotton ball in lemon juice and apply over the pimple are and this will reduce the inflammation of pimples.

Kindly try any one of the possible above tips and get cured from pimples.Feel free to leave a comment

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