Friday, 6 December 2013

Tips To Do Perfect Pedicure At Home

Do you give your feet the pampering they deserve? Think about it. Our feet have a tough job. We walk around all day in high heels, stand for hours, tread on all sorts of uneven surfaces. And our feet not only have to put up with all this, but they have to do it while supporting our entire body weight! So give your feet a break and inject some tender loving care into their lives. Indulge your feet with the perfect pedicure.

Essentials Tips To Do Pedicure At Home

  1. Soak your feet in a tub of hot, soapy water.
  2. Add salt and essence oils (if you have any).
  3. Using a foot file (or a pumice stone or any other scrub), scrub your feet lightly.
  4. Remove from tub and wipe your feet with a soft towel
  5. Apply a generous amount of cream on your feet till a few inches above the ankles.
  6. If you have rose water, keep some in a spray bottle and spray on your feet before starting the pedicure, and a couple of times during the pedicure.
  7. Push back your cuticles gently with a cuticle buffer. You can also use this buffer to clean your nails.
  8. Clip your toenails. The best way to clip toenails is to go straight across, rounding them off slightly at the ends.
  9. Dab a cotton pad with nail polish remover and use it to take off your old polish. Gently press the cotton on your nail, and wipe the polish off, using strokes in the outward direction only.
  10. Massage each foot for 5-10 minutes. Concentrate on the heels, and any other dry and cracked areas of the foot.
  11. Separate your toes with tiny wedges of cotton, and apply two coats of nail polish. Remember to let the polish dry before applying a second coat.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Health Tips to Reduce Weight

Planning to loose weight ..Follow below tips to reduce weight

It Seems that nowadays everyone aspires to look thin like models but unfortunately many are overweight.Moreover many health problems are caused being over weight.One will loose their self esteem and confidence level by being over weight. 

Avoid fat foods

As the first step in reducing weight try to avoid foods that were rich in fat.Always it is prefered to look the labels of the food product before buying it.Ensure the food products you select is less in its calorie level.Always prefer the food which is baked than the food which is fried because baking food consumes less oil.In addition always take food stuffs that were cooked in home rather than taking the food outside.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Homemade beauty tips to prevent wrinkles

Below are some of the effective homemade beauty tips to prevent wrinkles on face

Sunscreen Lotion

It is necessary to prevent one's skin from sun damage as exposure to sun is the first cause of Wrinkles.As per Skin Cancer Foundation skin cancer and premature ageing is caused by the damage from UV rays as this is the primary cause and hence applying sunscreen lotion becomes necessary when you step out of the sun.When you opt to buy a sunscreen lotion always look for the one which has SPF formulae in it. It is appropriate to apply the sunscreen lotion which has low SPF when the sun is light. When you go for outdoor activities or to beach apply the sun screen which has high SPF.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Home remedies for Pimples

In today's world many teenagers undergo the problem of pimples.In order to get rid of pimples one can try some effective homemade remedy to cure pimples.

Causes for pimples

  1. Ladies normally have this problem of pimples during their menstrual cycle as their body undergoes a hormonal change.
  2. Some will take steroids and this will be also one of the reason for the formation of pimples
  3. Hereditary or genetic reasons are also some of the causes

How to treat Pimples

 When you get pimples over the face kindly avoid to plucking it because if you pluck it the sebum inside will spread over other areas too and this may finally result in pimple formation in other areas too.Hence strongly it is advised to stop plucking the pimples
Also you should try to avoid scratching your pimples as they leave a mark on the skin

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Health Tips to reduce Jointpain

Nowadays many of them even the youngsters are suffered by this Jointpain for various reasons . It is the one which is seriously bothersome .Though it cannot be cured but it can be reduced by taking the necessary  steps in a natural way and this would definitely be a alternative to the medication that is prescribed.

  1. First and foremost reason is the weight of the person. When the weight of the person is above the normal weight it may sometimes result in Jointpain
  2. Inadequate supply of oil is also one of the reason that can be considered
  3. Driving vehicle for long time
  4. Sitting Idle Always
  5. Fracture
  6. Injuries

Monday, 31 December 2012

Tips to Prevent Eyes from dryness

Nowadays more number of people are working infront of computers hence their eyes go dry frequently. Their eyes becomes red, burns and go dry.Some people are fond of using eye drops to get rid from these problems.

But as far as possible just try avoiding Eye drops for above said problems and try some natural homemade remedy. Below are some homemade remedy or tips to prevent Eyes from dryness.These tips if followed continuously will definitely gives best results.

  • Splash your Eyes with clean cold water frequently. Whenever you can or get time just splash your eyes with cold water. Cold water is good remedy to prevent dryness. Do not use wash your eyes with hot water. Always try to use cold water for eyes
  • Give relaxation to your eyes if you are who are a person who sits for long time in front of laptop or desktop. You can relax your eyes by giving simple exercise may be you can try rotating your eyes up and down or you can also close and open your eyes.
  • Cut the cucumber into round pieces and keep that over your eyes leave it for 15 minutes and then take it off . Cucumber gives relaxation to your eyes and prevents dryness

  • You can also use the potato by making into round pieces and keep that over your face before you sleep for 15 mts. Potato is a good home remedy to prevent redness in Eyes

Try following these results and let me know the results. Feel free to post the comments

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Home Made Remedies for Hair Loss

Many of us has problem related to hairfall. Below are a few Tips to help you out to prevent your hair from falling.  I swear that if you follow any of these methods consistently you will definitely see improvement in your hair.

  • Take a bowl of Neem leaves soak the leaves into a cup of water overnight and the next day use the water to wash you hair. Continue this process for atleast a month. You will see a difference as Neem has the property to prevent hairloss.
  • Just make sure to use any best hair conditioner after using shampoo because when you use shampoo for hair its loosing its PH level. So to retain the PH level back using conditioner is very essential.Also ensure to avoid using conditioner for the scalp area. Apply the conditioner over the hair.
  • Aloevera gel is very helpful in preventing the hairfall. Apply the gel over the scalp and hair and leave it for 15 mts . Wash your hair after that . Meantime your hair will become shiny and hairfall will be prevented
  • Another simple tip is massage your scalp frequently with coconut oil or almond oil . This will also helps in controlling hairfall

Try these and let me know if you find this useful