Monday, 31 December 2012

Tips to Prevent Eyes from dryness

Nowadays more number of people are working infront of computers hence their eyes go dry frequently. Their eyes becomes red, burns and go dry.Some people are fond of using eye drops to get rid from these problems.

But as far as possible just try avoiding Eye drops for above said problems and try some natural homemade remedy. Below are some homemade remedy or tips to prevent Eyes from dryness.These tips if followed continuously will definitely gives best results.

  • Splash your Eyes with clean cold water frequently. Whenever you can or get time just splash your eyes with cold water. Cold water is good remedy to prevent dryness. Do not use wash your eyes with hot water. Always try to use cold water for eyes
  • Give relaxation to your eyes if you are who are a person who sits for long time in front of laptop or desktop. You can relax your eyes by giving simple exercise may be you can try rotating your eyes up and down or you can also close and open your eyes.
  • Cut the cucumber into round pieces and keep that over your eyes leave it for 15 minutes and then take it off . Cucumber gives relaxation to your eyes and prevents dryness

  • You can also use the potato by making into round pieces and keep that over your face before you sleep for 15 mts. Potato is a good home remedy to prevent redness in Eyes

Try following these results and let me know the results. Feel free to post the comments

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